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To each of you Reading this,  the RIng, the people and what it and we all stand for we need your help to drive forward the message we have all created together. 

Safety is paramount and together we will strive to change the attitudes, and the way people think of our special place and how they and future generations come and view it. We also want to raise some cash for the best charity ever Eifel Kind

We have prepared short presentation of the material we would love you all to push in a mini wave of positivity every day now and until every person in the universe knows about the legend that is the TF song. 

So chosen ones, are you ready to Rock and Roll. Lets do this.



If you are a member you are in for a real treat. The heizer monkeys are launching a new NFT program that everyone will benefit from, especially the key charities we will be working with in a special place known as the ring. 


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