Halftone Image of Crowd

Monkeypalooza is the codeword to get into the party.

Its not long now until lockdownstops when the guitar

drops. its not going to be easy and not everyone will

make it. If you think you are ready to stand tall with

the Heizer monkeys in creating the biggest shared

party the world has ever seen you are in the right


SIgn up to our secret monkey forum and lets make this

happen. Lastly as responsible monkeys we need to

clarify that we do not condone or promote any

breaking of covid rules. we may after its done bend

one of too rulesbut everyone needs to stay safe.



Monkey Monkerson and associates the heizer monkey legal defence team are on the case. Bernie has been sent down for 18 years but now the Heizers are getting tracked by the law and it becoming more difficult to plan for the next palooza. follow thier journey and share yours. In this together. All hail the monkey.

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