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Joey - Lead Singer

Joseph ‘Joey’ Kotrie from Manchester in the UK is a founder member and lead singer. Joey writes songs about motorsport’s lost history, the era of rebels and renegades, when danger and death were never far away. He has performed with the Heizer Monkeys at many world motorsport events, including 2018’s Le Mans Classic, the Mille Miglia opening party in 2019, and the 2019 British Formula 1 Grand Prix. He also competed as a driver in the 2018 Le Mans Classic in the championship winning Porsche 911 of French racing hero Anthony Beltoise. These events are featured in the music video for 100K Miles (The Le Mans Song).


Thomas Hechenberger - Lead - Guitar

Hechi is widely regarded as Austria’s top axe man. He has played as session and tour guitarist for acts such as Christina Sturmer, Olly Murs, and legendary 80s ‘sophistipop’ legends Matt Bianco.


He is resident guitarist for the bands Josh, Waldeck, and The Horny Fun Brothers. He has worked in the studio for Camo and Krooked. Hechi even holds a PhD in guitar. Doctor Axe has entered the building!


Rue Kostron - Bass

Bass: Rue Kostron is one of Austria’s most sought after session bass players and is a brand ambassador for Ernie Ball’s Musicman series of bass guitars.

Rue has played as studio or live bassist for some of the greats in popular music, from Gloria Gaynor to Aha, but it’s when the Heizers get down that Rue rocks hardest.


Leo Willert - Drums

Leo’s drums are the engine room of the Heizer Monkeys, and when it’s time to fire it up, he takes no prisoners. He has interest in jazz fusion and metal, and plays in the  Austrian jazz fusion quartet Modern Times, and is the percussionist of Vienna’s acclaimed Funchestra. Leo is a genuine racing driver. He has driven at Le Mans and is currently racing in a Porsche GT car in professional competition across Europe under the colours of the Heizer Monkeys Racing Team.


Gerhard - Guitar

Gerhard is a metal fusion specialist, and brings classical musicianship to the wild ride that is The Heizer Monkeys. Little is known of the life of the powerful and silent virtuoso who allegedly takes his name from hardcore Austrian Formula 1 legend Gerhard Berger.

Gerhard rocks - all of the day and all of the night!

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