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TF Song by Heizer Monkeys ft W Röhrl [video]View Larger Image - ARTICLE BY DOUBLE APEX

This is the funniest thing we have seen this week. The TF Song is a satire on boy racers and overeager young visitors to the Nurburgring, or any racetrack. The Pineapple King is a reference to the German phrase ‘Goldene Ananas’ or Golden Pineapple, equivalent of the ‘wooden spoon’ in English.

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The band

The TF Song is performed by the Heizer Monkeys. This rock band also happens to be a race team. Drummer Leo Willert is the current Porsche Challenge Middle East champion. Organist Christian Eigner, is regular drummer in megastar group Depeche Mode. Lead singer Joey has raced a 911 GT3 Cup at the Le Mans Classic.

His first love is the Nürburgring, and specifically TF or Touristenfahrten, the open sessions where anyone is allowed to drive their own cars (or a rental). Joey says the song is kind of autobiographical: “I think most of us develop into more mature characters over time. But as far as track driving was concerned, I was starting a bit from behind! When I first came 12 years ago I loved the ring from the first stroll around the car park during a TF day, but I really had no clue. More specifically, I had no clue about what I didn’t know, and that of course can be dangerous.

The video

The video tells the story of a young would-be ’Ring warrior who comes to the track with the wrong idea of winning. Herr Walter Röhrl, as a Mr Miyagi-type character retrains his young student, ready to return to the ’Ring for a victory of a very different kind.

Many cool cars appear in the video, including German legends of VLN and motorsport. Nürburgring regular, the Foxtail Manta features, as does ‘Kermit’, the recently rediscovered and restored race Porsche 964 in which Herr Manthey won his very first Porsche Supercup title.

Check out the TF Song by Heizer Monkeys, below, and listen carefully to the lyrics. If you enjoy it, please feel free to share it using the social media buttons below.

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